Welcome to AER Colorado Chapter!


CAER Awards Criteria:

President’s Award: This award recognizes outstanding leadership in service to people with visual disabilities. The current board president will select and present this award.

Gary Schmidt Award: This award honors an AER member who works directly with student/clients. Nomination criteria include: ethical standards, sense of humor, degree of excellence in job performance, and professionalism. The CAER Board and Janice Schmidt review the nominations.

Connections Award: This award recognizes cooperative efforts that cross organizational lines, perhaps even groups working collaboratively to benefit our field. The CAER Board considers the nominations.

Lifetime Achievement Award: This award is presented to professionals who have given of themselves to clients/students throughout their career and are preparing for retirement.

2014-2015 Board Members and their committee assignments

President: David Gooldy

President-Elect: Brent Batron

Past-President: Heather Solberg

Treasurer: Trina Boyd-Pratt

Secretary: Nancy Cozart

Representatives/Committee Chairs:

Membership: Barb Galgano

Recruitment: Barb Galgano

Board Members:

Bill Muir

Sally Burch

Deb Andrews

Ann Cunningham

Mike Plansker

Please contact CAER Board Members by email if you have any questions or suggestions for the board. The board can be emailed at caerboard@gmail.com






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