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Join us in sharing resources (e.g. lesson plans, rubrics, etc). All resources must be sumbitted via email to caerboard@gmail.com for approval, before being posted on our site. Thank you!

AER: International O&M Conference (New Orleans, LA)

ADA Refresher Multimodal Presentation

AER O&M Global Positioning Systems

All Movement is Mobility (LARGE FILE: 14MB)

Accessing the Path

Basic Spanish for O&M: A Phrasebook and Dictionary

Bioptics & Driving (LARGE FILE: 28MB)

Can a 14 Month Old Really Use a Long Cane

Cane Color

CVI In Children: Implications for Orientation and Mobility

Encouraging Movement Infants and Toddlers

Gaining Client Compliance

Guide Dog Mobility Instructors: Advancing the Profession Beyond the Apprenticeship

Geocache O&M

GPS Options: iPhone to PC

Lesson Learned GPS

More than Independence: The Contribution of Mobility to Quality of Life in Older Persons

Movement Thinking Connections (LARGE FILE: 100MB)

O&M Balance Over 50

O&M For Life

O&M More Than Cane Skills

O&M New Mexico Style

O&M For CVI Students

O&M For Everyone with a Disability: Travel Instruction

Opening Session and Business Meeting


Indoor Navigation for the Visually Impaired

Play and Movement Early Childhood

Professional Liability Insurance

Stretching Resources

Systems Do Change

TAPS 3rd Edition

Tele O&M

The Mathematics in Movement

They Call Me An Expert

Travel Instruction Postion Paper

Trekker Breeze

Utilizing O&M Interns in the Summer O&M and Adapted Living Resources

Various Means to Assist

Various Means to Assist with Safe and Quick Street Crossings for the Visually Impaired Pedestrians

Virtual Environment to Improve Orientation Skills

Visual Field Enhancement

What is Your Time Worth?

When Crisis Strikes: Preparing for an Emergency



Assistive Technology

BARD Download Tutorial (Cherry Creek Schools)

UsingRead2Go from Amber Lister (Cherry Creek Schools)



Contraction Story by Carol Potashnick (Cherry Creek Schools)


Eye Exam Forms/Requests

Vision Eye Exam Report by Amber Lister (Cherry Creek Schools)

Doctor Vision Acuity (Cherry Creek Schools)


iPad Apps:

Vision iPad Apps from Amber Lister (Cherry Creek Schools)

iPad Read2Go App Tutorial (Cherry Creek Schools)

iPad/iPhone Curriculum from Hines VA Clinic


Orientation and Mobility:

A New Instrument to Evaluate Your Orientation and Mobility Students from AER

Ascending Stairs by Kevin Stewart (CANADA)

Bus Route by Kevin Stewart (CANADA)

Denver O&M Street Crossing Analysis Presentation Handout by Kevin Stewart (CANADA)

Descending Stairs by Kevin Stewart (CANADA)

Developing and Sharing Responsibility from University of Arizona

Diagnostic Evaluation for Orientation and Mobility from Nancy Cozart (Littleton Public Schools)

Ecological Residential by Kevin Stewart (CANADA)

Functional Mobility Vision Evaluation from Mimi Schaper (Cherry Creek Schools)

Framework for Independent Travel from British Columbia Ministry of Education


Independent Education Program- Expectation Tracking Sheet by Kevin Stewart (CANADA)

Intersection Analysis by Kevin Stewart (CANADA)

Inventory of Skill Development-Body Image and Spatial Relation by Dr. Tanni Anthony (CDE)

Low Vision Mobility Assessment by Dr. Audrey Smith

NMSBVI Orientation and Mobility Inventory from NSBVI

O&M Assessment- Early Years thru Three by Dr. Tanni Anthony (CDE)

O&M Concepts Checklist from Brandon Mapes (Mountain BOCES)

O&M Concepts Checklist-Multiple Needs from Brandon Mapes (Mountain BOCES)

O&M Family Booklet from APH

O&M for VI Wheelchair Users by James Scott Crawford (LSVI)

O&M FVA by Kevin Stewart (CANADA)

O&M Street Crossing Assessment by Kevin Stewart (CANADA)

O&M Street Crossing Rubric by Myers & Sheffers

OREGON Project

Orientation and Mobility Ciriculum-Concept Development by Eigler & Werner

Performance Checklist for Visual Impairment from Center of Quality Special Education

Preschool Orientation and Mobility Screening by Dodson-Burk & Hill (AER)

Teaching Age-Appropriate Purposeful Skills (TAPS) from TSBVI

Sequencing O&M Chart by Diane Brauner

Sighted Guide & Protective Techniques Diagrams from Peg Collins

Skills of Spatial Mobility by Kevin Stewart (CANADA)

Street Crossing Tracking Sheet Blank by Kevin Stewart (CANADA)

Street Crossing Tracking Sheet by Kevin Stewart (CANADA)

The Nuts and Bolts of Quality IEP by Kevin Stewart (CANADA)

Wheelchair Skills Checklist from Peg Collins


Inspirational Blind Books:

Thunder Dog by Michael Hingson (Story of a Guide Dog's involvement in 9/11)

Hope Unseen: The Story of the U.S. Army's First Blind Active-Duty Officer by Scotty Smiley

No End in Sight: My Life as a Blind Iditarod Racer by Rachael Scdoris

Cockeyed by Ryan Knighton

Planet of the Blind: A Memoir by Stephen Kuusisto

Eavesdropping: A Memoir of Blindess and Listening by Stephen Kuusisto

Touch the Top of the World: A Blind Man's Journey to Climb Farther than the Eye Can See: My Story by Erik Weihenmayer

Love in the Lead: The Miracle of the Seeing Eye Dog by Peter Putnam

Guide Dogs: From Puppies to Partners by Diana Lawenson

My Path Leads to Tibet by Sabriye Tenberken

Touching the Rock by John Hull

And There Was Light: The Extraordinary Memior of a Blind Hero of the French Resistance in World War II by Jacwues Lusseyran

Fire in My Eyes by Brad Snyder






Mini-Grant Information

The funds are available to defray the costs of:

1.  Conference Attendance

2.  Student Activities

3.  Programming Needs

4.  Professional development projects

5.  Assistive Devices

  The maximum amount per grant will be $300. Grants will be reviewed/awarded in April and November by the CAER Board.  Grant applications may be submitted at any time.  Applications must be sponsored by current AER members.

Go to the link on the left to download the application and complete rules.

Send completed application as an attachment to the CAER email address:  caerboard@gmail.com

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